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South Dakota Real Estate Buying Tip 01

Finding a South Dakota Realtor You Are Comfortable With

Melanie Bobby, owner of Jency Agency, Phone: (605) 725-3130 shares with you the importance of finding a South Dakota realtor that you are comfortable with. If you are looking for a home near South Dakota or wanting to sell property in South Dakota, it’s a smart practice to have the covering of a trusted South Dakota real estate agent and broker.

That is because you need to know that the Agent is working for you. You need to know that when you leave that meeting with us that we are working to get you into the right property at the right price.

We work for you. You’re our employer!

It’s hard for us to go to sleep at night and not think about you – the client – and how you could do things better for you.

We want to invest our time in you. We want to invest in you so that you know after the transaction is done that we have done everything that we could to get you the best deal and the best solid product you.


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