Desiree Mehlhaff

Desiree Mehlhaff, an Associate Broker at Jency Realty Company, brings a wealth of real estate knowledge and a passion for design to the team. Born and raised in Ipswich, SD, Desiree graduated from Ipswich High School in 2005 and later earned an Associate of Science Degree in Business Management from Normandale Community College in 2010.

With her husband, Chris Mehlhaff, she owns Dakota Dwellings, a successful renovation company, where they have bought and sold eight properties in the past five years. This hands-on experience has given Desiree invaluable insights into the real estate world and a keen eye for reconfiguring spaces to enhance functionality. Her dedication to exceptional service and her talent for design have earned her the praise of clients who appreciate her attention to detail.

When not assisting clients, Desiree enjoys spending time outdoors with her five children and their two English Springer Spaniels, Harley and Cooper. She also indulges in hobbies such as crocheting, reading, and completing puzzles. Desiree’s exceptional organizational skills, evident even with a bustling household, ensure that everything has its place. Her accomplishment of becoming a Real Estate Agent, despite the demands of a busy family life, fills her with immense pride.

In 2021, Desiree and her family purchased a house, which they have been renovating both inside and out. Recently, she took on the challenge of landscaping, successfully planting 20 new plants in May. Despite previous setbacks with gardening, she has embraced the role of nurturing a thriving outdoor space. Desiree’s commitment to excellence, love for design, and ability to multitask make her an invaluable member of the Jency Team, where she works collaboratively to ensure clients and customers receive top-notch service.

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